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Lesson Planet helps me find great lesson plans. Member since 2011.

Kathy D.
Hastings, NE
Lesson Planet has provided wonderful access to some very detailed lesson plans. Continue offering the great service that you offer.

Anita L.
Enterprise, MS
Lesson Planet is helping me a lot.

Nael S.
Lesson Planet provided me materials for lessons that I didn't have.

Sheral M.
Campbell, NY
I have enjoyed every aspect of Lesson Planet. I has helped me In many ways - I have many students that benefit.

Tacy C.
Tucson, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me vary my history teaching strategies and methods to help keep students engaged.

Hesketh H.
Pearland, TX
Lesson Planet helps me find great material.

Lisa M.
Louisville, TN
Lesson Planet helps me with different and fun worksheets and interactive activities.

Electra S.
Lesson Planet makes lesson planning easier.

Lynda W.
Paris, TN
Lesson Planet makes it easy to find resources.

Ellen D.
Painesville, OH
As a teacher I really need the very best I can offer my students. I love that as soon as I log-in I have a myriad of the very best lessons. They are also very affordable which makes it possible to choose more than the “essentials”. I can endulge in a few extras.

Adriana H.
Kyle, TX
Lesson Planet helps me find good content at down-to-Earth prices.

Stephen S.
Nabb, IN
Lesson Planet helped me with lessons I would not have thought of.

Dianne J.
Philadelphia, PA
Lesson Planet helps me have lesson plans at my fingertips.

Robyn O.
Somerville, TN
Lesson Planet give me ample resources for specific target areas where my EL's struggle. I have used Lesson Planet in the past, and have always found this site to be current with the diverse educational climate. Currently, I am completely satisfied with LP, and the experiences have proven to be a guiding light for my kiddos.

Beth B.
Cortland, NE
I like how there are many resources and activities available to support my lessons.

Latesha W.
Jamaica, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me create more engaging and meaningful lessons.

Sheri D.
Bolivar, OH
I am a graduate student and have found the Lesson Planet very helpful in my internship lesson planning.

Heather M.
Pittsburgh, PA
Lesson Planet has helped me have a variety of materials to choose from.

Denise C.
Paris, AR
Lesson Planet is all good. It has helped me to see ways to teach history. Member since 2013

Mary N.
Salem, NH
Lesson Planet is useful during remote learning.

Roxanne N.
Mission Viejo, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me to build homeschooling curriculums for each of my 4 kids. I have twin 5th graders, an 8th grader, and a 10th grader. It's much more difficult to find material and resources for my older children and students in higher grades in general. What I like best about Lesson Planet is that it doesn't cater to any one school age (ie. grammar school, middle school, high school) like many paid-for-resources (ie. ABC mouse,, Khan Academy) so you can pay for one subscription for a year and literally find something for any grade level... even resources and materials for teaching these grade levels like curriculum planners, attendance sheets, seating charts, etc.Thank you!

Mandy O.
Los Osos, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me become more organized. Everything is quite useful.

Annie T.
Long Beach, CA
I love the content that helps me with my units of study on a variety of subjects. I also like the lesson plan format for my administrators.

Anitra G.
Chicago, IL
Learning Explorer helped me to save time.

Felix E.
Rockville, MD
Lesson Planet has helped me with planning.

Amberlee L.
Clearwater, FL
Using Lesson Planet has made me more conscious and helped me to think more outside the box when making lesson plans.

Jennifer P.
Rawlins, WY
Lesson Planet has helped me to deliver more comprehensive lesson materials.

Dale D.
Toms River, NJ
Lesson Planet is an amazing platform for educators. It is easy to access and does not lack for information. Member since 2004.

Louise L.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet has provided me extra resources. I have enjoyed it so far.

Kathryn P.
Florence, SC

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