More Testimonials

Lesson Planet is providing ideas I need for my lessons.

Mark S.
Victoria, TX
Lesson Planet has saved me time searching for extra resources! Member since 2016.

La T.
Mount Juliet, TN
The resources I find are well written, well organized and very useful.

Saul H.
Lesson Planet helps me spend less time pulling out resources from everywhere.

Yarimar T.
Dallas, TX
Lesson Planet helped me in finding extra practice worksheets for my students for my science and brain development class.

Seema G.
Abu Dhabi
Lesson Planet has helped me research various classes across the country. I think this website is fantastic.

Sergio S.
Las Vegas, NV
Lesson Planet has helped with lesson planning and finding resources. Member since 2017

Ruth B.
Saint Louis, MO
Lesson Planet has helped me to organize my lessons to fit my department's curriculum.

Linda D.
Fitchburg, MA
Lesson Planet helped me find lots of great resources that i can use!

Madiha M.
Minneapolis, MN
Lesson Planet helped me find resources that I would not have had otherwise.

Andrea W.
Garwin, IA
Lesson Planet has given me hands on experiences for my students.

Leslie G.
Fountain Hills, AZ
Lesson Planet has helped me with writing my own lesson plans. Member since 2017

Laura H.
Littleton, CO
I have found lesson plans for all the different classes that I teach.

James S.
Lebanon, MO
Lesson Planet is saving me time on planning.

Iveth M.
The prepared lessons I am finding are well written and easy to implement as well as differentiated for higher or lower students.

Renae H.
Yuma, AZ
Lesson Planet is a great deal. Member since 2017

Deborah H.
Upper Marlboro, MD
Lesson Planet makes planning easier and helps me so much to organize my thoughts.

Meghann S.
Richlands, NC
Using Lesson Planet gives me a lot of ideas. It is really helpful for finding new and creatives activities. My students are more engaged in my classes.

Odelvis P.
Homestead, FL
Lesson Planet continues to impact teacher lives all over the world.

Patissia C.
Manchester, GA
I am using Lesson Planet to plan for differentiation. Member since 2011

Pamela Q.
Burtonsville, MD
Lesson Planet has helped me find lesson ideas for classes that I teach without the proper resources.

Belinda B.
Braggs, OK
Lesson Planet has given me great lesson plans for my class.

Sheena C.
Grand Prairie, TX
Lesson Planet has been helpful, the lesson plans are very complete.

Ana M.
Inglis, FL
Lesson Planet has made it easier to plan differentiated lessons.

Dawn H.
Ocala, FL
Lesson Planet helped me find newer and more exciting lesson plans.

James C.
Warwick, NY
Lesson Planet has been a great resource teaching STEM lessons to my students.

Melissa M.
Marianna, FL
Lesson Planet has saved me so much time and gives me so many ideas. It’s a blessing. Jazlyn Rivera Special Education teacher

Jazlyn R.
Linden, NC
This is a great site for resources. It is well worth the little amount that it costs

Lincoln D.
Ochlocknee, GA
Lesson Planet has helped me fine tune my lessons and give me ideas to differentiate my lessons to ensure all students have an opportunity to learn.

Jamie L.
Lesson Planet has helped me to save time in preparing my lesson plans.

Rahmatallah A.
Vauxhall, NJ

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